Aquafisk, Inc. offers the best seafood from Iceland to discerning customers in the USA, Canada, and Europe. When it comes to seafood, there are several key factors when choosing a supplier: experience, sustainability, quality, reliability, traceability, and competitive pricing.

When you buy from Aquafisk, you are buying directly from the producer with no middlemen. That’s one of the reasons our prices are so competitive. Our plant, Erik the Red, procures and produces fish on a daily basis and because of our proximity to the airport we can easily access Kevlavik international airport allowing our customers longer cut off times to place their orders with us. The people behind Aquafisk have been collectively involved in the international seafood business for decades. Our plant and production staff enjoy strategic relationships with various vessels and quota holders enabling us to maintain a consistent supply. Our sales team has decades of experience in sales and procurement to retailers, foodservice, wholesalers and restaurants. To ensure that we can deliver your fish on time, our logistics team maintains strong relationships with air carriers, with committed Aquafisk airspace, affording us the ability to produce and ship without delay throughout the year.

Working in a plant or on fishing vessels in the summers, many of us grew up working in Iceland's fish industry. As such, we have extensive experience and on-the-ground expertise utilizing our region's natural resources. It is who we are. Our native relationship with the ocean, and with each other, makes us uniquely qualified to provide the finest available seafood.

And since we supply only the best on a consistent basis, our customers return again and again. It’s good business. It’s the way we have always done business, and it’s our promise if you choose us as a partner in your business.